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Q. What kind of a Real Estate Development Project is ‘The Golden Mile’?

The Golden Mile, as the name suggests, is a Senior Living Community for residents who are 50+ years of age. The Project is a retirement community project.

A person can be of any adult age to purchase an apartment in the community.

Q. What is a Senior Living Community?

A Senior Living community is a residential complex purpose built for Senior Citizens over the age of 50 to reside there as their primary home.

The Golden Mile is a tailor-designed Senior Living Community incorporating Senior Friendly design, flow and materials in construction whilst ensuring the presence of an active Senior Eco-System to cater to the Physical, Social, Spiritual, Financial, Environmental, Emotional and Intellectual needs of its Senior Community Members.

Q. How is The Golden Mile Senior Living different from a normal residential project?

At The Golden Mile Senior Living Community only residents over the age of 50 can reside. This does not mean that you have to be over the age of 50 to purchase an apartment.

You can be of any age to buy the apartment but you have to be over 50 years of age to be a resident at the Community.

At The Golden Mile, all your service needs will be taken care of which includes but is not limited to housekeeping, laundry, general and apartment maintenance, Dining (all meals and beverages), security, gardening, wellness, life enrichment and social activities.

Q. Who is the Developer?

The Project is being developed by Saltee Group who is recognized amongst Asia’s 100 greatest brands in real estate category. It boasts of an impressive portfolio of residential, commercial and hospitality projects; built over thirty years of operation revolving around the philosophy of making a difference in the society.

For further information, visit www.salteegroup.com

Q. Who is the service provider for Senior Residents at The Golden Mile Senior Living?

Signature-Sterling Senior Care Private Limited (SterlingCare), subsidiary of Signature Senior Living India Private Limited (an USA Senior Living Enterprise) will be the Service provider at Golden Mile.

They come with two decades of Senior Living Service provision experience In USA as well as in India.

Q. What is the idea behind The Golden Mile Senior Living Community Project?

This is Saltee’s special initiative towards Senior Community living geared to empower the wellbeing of senior citizens of India. It engaged Signature Senior Living India Private Limited (a Signature USA enterprise) who specialize in such projects to ensure that The Golden Mile Senior Living complies with relevant International Standards and makes no compromise when it comes to resident’s comfort, convenience and safety.

Q. What are the units available at the Community?

All the units are purpose-built; fully furnished and fully-equipped Senior Living Apartments incorporating the best of International Standards for Senior Living. These are FOR SALE apartments.

Apartment Type Saleable Area (in square feet) Carpet Area (in square feet) Total Numbers
1 BHK 615 430 146
2 BHK 1,230 860 20
Q. What kind of Retirement/Senior Living does The Golden Mile Support?

The Golden Mile Senior Living Community is primarily for Independent Seniors and seniors who require assistance with their activities of daily life (Assisted Living).

Q. Can you provide us more details about the apartment?

Please see the below table which lists out important attributes about the apartment.

S.No. Feature Provision Notes
1 Washer/Dryer There is no provision for Washer and/or Dryer in the apartment Laundry Facilities are provided at the community with dedicated Laundry for washing, drying and ironing for residents.
2 Bathroom Geyser Standard Bathroom Geysers are provided as part of installed equipment for the bathroom Instant Geysers
3 Air-conditioning All apartments have provision for air-conditioning installation. Included in the White Goods as part of ready apartment is 1 airconditioner with a 1 ton capacity installed.
4 Telephone and Intercom All apartments have been pre-wired for telephone connectivity All apartment have installed intercom system
5 Internet All apartments have been pre-wired for internet connectivity and a dedicated space provision for a WiFi equipment has been allocated.
6 Emergency Response System All apartments have been fitted with Emergency Response System. Emergency Pull Cords in all resident bathrooms pre-installed. Residents to be provided with emergency call wrist or neck pendants are per their preference
7 Fire Response Systems Fire Extinguishers will be housed on each floor to take care of emergencies related to fire
8 Lighting ,Fans and Other Each apartment comes with a fan in the living and bed room and lights fittings in all spaces of the apartment. Apartment Electrical Layouts have been designed to specifically ensure ease of access and operations
9 Cable Connection All apartments are pre wired for cable.
10 Emergency Lighting in Apartment in case of power outage? Fans and lights in the living room, bed room and bathrooms are pre wired for DG connectivity. Fans, lights and refrigerator connectivity will also be on DG in case of power outage
11 Cooking Gas There is no provision for Cooking Gas Apartments are provided with Microwave and Hot Plates to take care of their basic kitchen needs. Resident to enjoy their meals in the Community Dining areas.
12 Kitchen Provisions The following are provided as part of kitchen;
a.Kitchen counters
b.Kitchen backsplash
c.Sink and faucet Water purifier connection
d.Kitchen Cabinetry
Q. Are Furnished Apartments available?

All Apartments are fully furnished as provided in the furniture and equipments inclusions section. The apartments are basically ready to move in for the residents.

Q. How many lifts are provided?

There are a total of 3 lifts provided with 2 regular and 1 stretcher lift.

Q. Are the building plans of all categories approved and cleared by all the concerned Government/ Municipal body/ concerned authorities?

Yes, the project has received all the approvals from all concerned governmental authorities.

Q. Are there any archaeological issues associated with the project?

No, the project does not come under any archaeological provisions.

Q. Do the owners of the apartments have any share in the common amenities?

No, the Common amenities which include the Club House, Health & Wellness Center, Swimming Pool and associated structure are not the ownership of the property owners.

Q. What other facilities will be provided?
S. No. Feature Provision
1 Water Availability (General Purpose & Tapped Drinking) The project has huge ground water supply that will cater to the water.
2 RO Water Plant RO Water Plant will ensure that water is potable for drinking and general purposes
3 STP Plant There is a STP plant on site
4 Electric Facility Electric supply will be provided by CESC
5 Power Back Up DG sets have been provided to cater to common area lighting, elevators and emergency light and fan in the resident apartments.
6 Solar There is currently no provision for Solar Energy
7 Lift (Elevator) Each apartment building is equipped with 2 regular and one stretcher lift
8 CCTV CCTV’s will be provided for security and monitoring purposes across the community
9 Internet Provider Individual
10 Telephone Provider Individual
11 Television & Cable Provider Individual
12 Security Cabins 24x7 manned security cabin at the entrance of the gated community
13 Property and Common Area Lighting The entire community is well laced with adequate lighting to ensure security and resident safety.
14 Parking Provision Common area parking lot is available at community.
15 Fire Safety Measures The community design incorporates prescribed fire safety standards. Each floor of every apartment building and common facilities is equipped with the firefighting equipment in case of emergency.
16 Piped Gas There is no provision of pipe gas due to unavailability in that area.
17 Water Tank The community will have centralized storage of portable water and also of flushing water.
18 Ramps for access for differently-abled senior citizens All access area in the community have ramps as per ADA standards to ensure safe and easy access for differently-abled seniors.
19 Guest Suites There are currently 6 designated guest suites
20 Waste Disposal Plant There is no waste disposal plant on site; it will be collected daily by the garbage disposal van.


Q. How does the dining program work? Are residents given 3 meals a day? Are they able to eat only at mealtimes?

The Dining program covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and evening tea. Residents will also have unlimited access to Beverage (Juices) and Desert Snack Counter.

Q. What F&B services do you provide?

Separate Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Kitchens

Separate Cutlery, Crockery, kitchen tools and equipment to ensure the segregation of Vegetarian from Non-Vegetarian

Comfortable community restaurant style dining

Room Service on request

Special needs Meals

A’la Carte orders

Private Dining

Party Orders on prior notice

Q. Can Residents Participate in Management of Catering and Services?

The F&B department will have cultural food events which will present the opportunity for resident participation. The F&B department will work with the Resident Committee to share and receive resident recommendations and suggestions.

Q. What are the food options for the residents? Do we get both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food?

Great and nutritious food is one of the key factors determining your or loved one’s decision to reside with us, so we make sure our menus are robust and varied (featuring many regional favorites), and, quite simply, delicious. We understand our Indian heritage deeply and offer clearly demarcated Vegetarian and Non – Vegetarian meal preparations and restaurant style dining.

Q. Do we compulsorily opt for common dining?

Comfortable restaurant-style dining room ambience combined with your neighbors and friends in the community at your table is a typical setting where your meals are served by caring and friendly staff that you know and who in turn know you by name and your dining preferences. We take tremendous pride in our food and dining services. All of these should make you want to opt for the common dining option.

Q. Who Selects the Menu?

Everything, from the entrée to dessert, is made by our professionally trained chefs, fresh from scratch; incorporating the glorious and multiple cuisines from India & across the globe, yet retaining the simplicity & comfort of home food. Beyond being a delight for the palate, each meal is carefully planned to meet the unique nutritional needs of our senior living population, to help ensure that our residents live happier, healthier lives.

Q. Will you outsource Catering and Services? Can I get Special Diet, prescribed by Doctor?

The health and wellbeing of our residents is of paramount importance to us. We ensure that all catering operations are carried out in-house to ensure that we can provide food prepared with the freshest & finest quality ingredients that is prepared with the best levels of food hygiene & safety.

Keeping these services in house will also enable us to ensure that all special diet needs can be met and catered to ensuring adherence to the prescribed diet.

Q. Can I get Special Diet, prescribed by Doctor?

Yes, great and nutritious food is one of the key factors determining your or loved one’s decision to reside with us, so we make sure our


Q. Who will provide us the Wellness Services and Care?

Sterling Care by Signature will provide all wellness services.

Q. What services are available at the Health Centre?

Health Centre is specifically designed to address the common and frequent needs of both seniors who are independent and those that require assistance with Activities of daily living (ADL). Amongst the services provided is

  • Basic first aid services
  • Vitals monitoring
  • Minor & Major Dressing
  • Blood Sugar Monitoring
  • Assistance in Medication Administration
  • Interferential Therapy
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Physiotherapy…to name a few
Q. What are the working hours of the Health Centre?

The normal working hours are from 7am – 7pm. Qualified Nursing Staff will be available 24 hours and 7 days a week at the community. Wellness Centre will also cater to any emergencies that arise outside of the normal working hours to the resident need as required.

Q. Is there a resident doctor at the community?

Resident doctor is available at dedicated hours and available on call.

Q. Do you offer physiotherapy services?

Physiotherapy services are available at dedicated working hours and available on call at physiotherapy consultation and treatment room of health centre.

Q. Do you have a medication management program?

Medication Management Program and assistance is available as a part of overall care service.

Q. Do you offer rehabilitation or skilled nursing?

SterlingCare facilitates the provision of paid rehabilitation and skilled nursing through its network with third party care providers as required by the residents.

Q. Do you have massage therapy services?

The massage therapy room at the Wellness Centre managed by an in-house massage therapist is available at dedicated hours to meet the massage therapy requirements of the residents.

Q. Do you have a provision for Ambulance?

Ambulance services are always available for emergency transportation.

Q. Will my loved one have access to transportation services for doctors’ visits which are offsite?

Community transportation is always available to meet the needs of the resident.

Q. What does level of care mean?

Level of care is a bucket of services that is needed to be provided to a resident based on his/her need as determined by assessment done by SterlingCare nursing personnel and agreed by the resident and/or family.

Q. How is my level of care determined?

SterlingCare conducts resident assessments at move-in and at periodic intervals which consists of:

  • Medical History
  • Food & Dietary Habits
  • Cognitive and Psychosocial Abilities

Based on this assessment conducted by authorized personnel resident’s level of care is arrived at. Currently there are three levels of care, namely L1, L2 & L3.

Q. What are the arrangements that we have for wheelchair bound or differently-abled seniors?

The Golden Mile Senior Living is a purpose built community designed by incorporating ADA compliance and senior living guidelines. The community design including the common areas have been made accessible and friendly for differently-abled seniors. Care givers are available 24/7 in the community to assist the wheel chair bound or differently-abled seniors.

Q. What if my loved ones need a care giver support?

Care givers are always available to meet the care needs of our residents

Q. What is the nearest health care facility?

Hospitals and healthcare providers are available within a 10 km radius from the community. TATA MEDICAL CENTRE, APOLLO GLENEAGLES, AMRI to name a few.