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Bridging the gap

The Golden Mile has been conceptualised to provide an all-rounded 24x7 healthcare facility, by igniting a new hope and giving the senior citizens a sense of purpose in life. We offer new premium residences for the elderly, which is ideally suited for their age and is not a temporary care or a medical facility. The Golden Mile can adapt to the change in their requirements that may arise as they grow older. That's why, it's an investment for life.

Our mission

  • To provide an active and healthy lifestyle to the seniors
  • To help seniors overcome isolation and loneliness
  • To give them the freedom and independence to live their life in their own way
  • To provide a secured and serene environment without the daily hassles
  • To create services to assist the senior citizens, which specifically caters to the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the residents
  • To design a retirement homes which become friendly spaces and engagement zones for seniors to live in
  • Close proximity to the city, so that the residents can keep in touch with their present set of friends, relatives and keep updated with their social meets and luxurious lifestyles
  • To facilitate social interaction and harmonious companionship between the residents
  • To improve their lives with a safe and rewarding lifestyle in a residence they are proud to call home